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24.01.2023 do 28.01.2023


PolSKI CPD is a trip unlike any other. A perfect opportunity to immerse in the intimate atmosphere of a winter wonderland while getting a better understanding of the latest advanced equine reproduction veterinary techniques.


During the academic part of the trip, you will have the opportunity to listen to lectures on the latest techniques used in reproductive biotechnology, practical aspects of mare breeding, insemination and the andrology of stallions. Presentations will be given by international experts:

  • Professor Marco Antonio Alvarenga
  • Assistant Professor Anthony Claes
  • James Crabtree
  • Professor Juan Cuervo-Arango
  • Professor John Newcombe
  • Professor Duccio Panzani
  • Roberto Sanchez
  • Sandra Wilsher

Lecturers will be present at all the social events, ready to engage in conversation and answer questions.

During the three-day trip, we provide you with several-hour blocks of lectures devoted to reproduction in the mare and stallion. The talks will be given by outstanding specialists from around the world. Interspersed with lectures will be the skiing or skiing training held by experienced instructors with a competition background. In the evenings, we will gather for further experiences in the winter delights such as a sleigh ride, a bonfire, or a regional, highlander feast.

Hotel Meta Szczyrk is a four-star, beautiful hotel located, directly on the slopes in a picturesque mountain village. On the premises, there are a lot of attractions that will satisfy the needs of everyone.  After an eventful day, the Wellness Zone with saunas, jazz musicians, and a swimming pool will provide guests with moments of relaxation, while winter evenings can be spent in the hotel bar with a glass of wine.

As part of the conference, we provide you with a full board in the hotel restaurant. Accommodation for you is provided in comfortable, modern double rooms, equipped with single beds, a spacious bathroom,  TV and free access to the Internet.


SKI experience

The daily, four-hour ski practice will be conducted in a way that will leave you both fulfilled and fresh. Exercises, analysis, and plenty of riding will allow those of you who have already had previous experience with white madness to enter a higher level of skiing and provide you with a better understanding of skiing techniques.  For those of you who wish to start the skiing adventure, we would love to familiarize you with the sense of freedom skiing provides, as well as, how to navigate the slopes easily and most of all safely. Of course, you can also ride on your own, without instructors, but we encourage you to take part in the training, which will be as interesting for beginners as for advanced people who will be able to explore sports skiing  techniques.

Practice will be conducted in Szczyrk Moutain Resort, located proximately to the hotel. Skiers have at their disposal over 30 slopes of varying difficulty, marked out on the picturesque mountains surrounding the town. The total length of ski slopes in Szczyrk reaches 40 km.




16:00 -22:00 REGISTRATION

20:00 SUPPER



8:00 -9:00 LECTURES

8:00 Timing of insemination to ovulation – Professor John Newcombe

8:30 Low dose Insemination with chilled and frozen semen – Dr. Roberto Sanchez


10:00-14:00 SKIING

14:40 LUNCH

15:30- 17:30 LECTURES

15:30 Ovulation failure – Prof. Juan Cuervo-Arango

16:10 Hastening cyclicity – Prof. Duccio Panzani

16:50 Interpretation of bacterial cultures- Professor John Newcombe

17:30- 17: 40 REFRESHMENTS

17:40 -19:30 LECTURES

17:40 Maternal recognition of pregnancy- Dr. Sandra Wilsher

18:00 Oestrus suppression – Dr. James Crabtree

18:30 Post-insemination inflammation- Professor John Newcombe

19:00 Residual uterine fluid: Effect on pregnancy rate- Professor John Newcombe



8:00-9:00 LECTURES

8:00 New therapies to control post breeding endometritis in mares- Professor Marco A. Alvarenga


10:00-14:00 SKIING

14:20  LUNCH

15:00- 17:00 SPA ZONE

17:00 – 17:30 LECTURES

17:00 Female donkey reproduction- Prof. Duccio Panzani

17:40 Controversial placental removal- Professor John Newcombe

18:00 Checking the placenta postpartum- Dr. Sandra Wilsher

18:20 Twin Management- Assistant Professor Anthony Claes

18:50- 19:00 REFRESHMENTS

19:00- 20:30   LECTURES

19:00 Strategies to Improve stallion semen fertility- Professor Marco A. Alvarenga

19:50 Early pregnancy loss- Prof. Juan Cuervo-Arango

20:30 Twin Management- Assistant Professor Anthony Claes

21:00 SUPPER


8:00-9:00 LECTURES

8:00 Dystocia in the field – Dr. James Crabtree

8:30 Uterine cytology- Assistant Professor Anthony Claes


10:00-14:00 SKIING

14:40 LUNCH

15:30 – 17:30 LECTURES

15:30 Equipment for OPU- Prof. Juan Cuervo-Arango

16:10 OPU in mares -risks and new possibilities- Dr. Roberto Sanchez

16:50 Enchaced embryo recovery – Prof. Juan Cuervo-Arango

17:30- 17:40 REFRESHMENTS

17:40- 19:50   LECTURES

17:40 Tips on embryo freezing and vitrification- Dr. Sandra Wilsher

18:00 Embryo freezing according to the size- Dr. Roberto Sanchez

18:40 Protocols to prepare Embryo Transfer recipients mares- Professor Marco A. Alvarenga

19:30 the contribution of WE ‘Twink’ Allen to equine reproduction- Dr. Sandra Wilsher






Variant A with ski training – 1600 €

  • three-day veterinary conference
  • 3-day ski training
  • accommodation in a hotel
  • 3 meals per a day
  • transport from and to the Katowice or Kraków airport -one per day
  • additional attractions – sleigh ride, feast, SPA, fireplace, etc.
  • a materials

Extra paid

  • ski pass approx. 73 €
  • equipment rental approx.  30 €


Variant B individual skiing –  1475 €

  • three-day veterinary conference
  • accommodation in a hotel
  • 3 meals per day
  • transport from and to the Katowice or Kraków airport -one per day
  • additional attractions – sleigh ride, feast, SPA, fireplace, etc.
  • training materials

Extra paid

  • pass approx. 73 €
  • equipment rental approx. 30 €


Variant C without skiing 1475  

  • three-day veterinary training
  • accommodation in a hotel
  • 3 meals per day
  • transport from and to the Katowice  or Kraków airport -one per day
  • additional attractions – sleigh ride, feast, SPA, fireplace, etc.
  • training materials


If you have any questions, please contact us by phone and e-mail.


00447836700728  Gregory Staniek

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